Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Almost at the end of today

I found out today that the baby of a couple (almost) don't know was born and didn't live. She didn't breathe after birth, and she passed. It's hard, because I don't really know them, I know of them, but leaning of their loss has touched me. Learning of their faith, strength, and openness inspired me and amazed me. Please pray for them.

After work I went to the car shop and left my car there. I hope that when I pick it up I have no more trouble with smoke coming out of it.

Later, while driving to my uncle's house, I saw the most amazing sunset I've seen in a while. It was very orange and isolated. Soft orange in one side and the harsh rays peering out in between some clouds. You see, it was cloudy and it had stormed earlier, so most of the sky was gray. On my way back I saw the moon behind some soft, thin clouds. First, it was gentle and shapeless, then as the night feel under the moon got defined by its reflected light.

And finally, I had to clean up the blog. So it's white now. There was a little bit more of a mess than I like. Maybe I'm compensating my need to organize all that's in my room, but hey... I had to start somewhere.

Please pray for the couple I almost know. And next time you go out, take the camera, you don't want to miss out on photographing an amazing sunset.

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