Monday, December 15, 2003

got an A!!!!!!! bravo!!!

I got an A on PLSC 2003 and ARTS 1013
I got my portfolio today and my professor was very happy with all my work... she kept three of my drawings to make slides and show them to her students....
I'm so happy!

gente felíz!

So I decided to write in Spanish today... just 'cause I'm from El Salvador!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hace algun tiempo una amiga me mando un correo titulado 'somos gente feliz' y al habrirlo me encontre con una noticia de CNN en Español... y bueno, despues de leerla sonrei y pense 'de verdad somos gente feliz'.
En fin, la noticia era acerca de unas encuestas del cuan feliz es la gente dependiendo de muchas cosas.... al final hicieron una lista de los paises donde la gente era mas feliz.... y curiosamente, esos paises tambien se podian encontrar en los primeros lugares de una lista diferente... la lista de los paises mas pobres...
Entonces todo se aclaro, y mis sospechas se aclararon.... el dinero no es la felicidad, la felicidad se encuentra en cosas pequeñas y en otras personas... y en la forma en que haces que cuente cada dia.
Carpe Diem~
tengo que estudiar para mi examen de ahora... pensando en que de donde vengo... todavia hay gente feliz!
aqui esta la nota por si lo quieren leer
Gente Felíz

Friday, December 12, 2003


So there's something about 12:12... I've had dreams about that number, It seems like everytime I see the clock it's 12:12 and when it's not that it's 4:44 (if you add that it gives you 12!)
and well.... today's been a crazy day....
carpe diem!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I'm a survivor~

Hey!!!!!! I survived!!!!!!
I turned my paper 5 at 2:43 pm (yes... Comp I)
It was due at 3:00 pm but I decided to start a little late.... like last night!
I had like three weeks to do this paper and I waited till last night to start writing it....
I call that atenimiento
you know I spent all night writing that and this morning I was planning to get here (university campus) early so type it ('cause I don't own a computer) but it snowed last night and early this morning.... and it was my first time driving on the snow.... so it took me like and hour to get here, it usually takes me like 20 min.
well... when I got here I had to walk a long way 'cause there was no buses.... at least I didn't see one... I think because today is dead day (before finals) but who knows~!
And I felt down on my way to the fine arts was really slipery and the grown was cold!!! and I don't know how I hurt my left eye... it got pretty red and I couldn't open it (I'm kinda blind already! so imagine with just one eye!)...
well I went and left my sketchbook on my instructur's office and then I went to the lab... and I was there till 2:45 pm.....
I'm really tired right now... and I still have 3 final exams left!!!
but what really made my day was the cafeteria food! I'm kidding... it was the fact that the day was so bright!
you know how the snow makes the days brighter... because the white reflects the light...
it's been a wonderful day.....
thank you God! :o)

yeah baby!!!

So I found this on and I really liked it....
there was a time when I wouldn't miss an episode of the X-files.... I still like it.... but since 'agent mulder' get out it wasn't worth it.... :'(

Tuesday, December 09, 2003


Yes! I love Garfield!!! I think he can be really nice when he wants too (that's not too often)
And I want to get some garfield stuff but I have no money... I'll get some cool stuff some day!!!

Monday, December 08, 2003

which friend am I?!

I'm Rachel Green from Friends!

Take the Friends Quiz here.


I have a paper due on Wednesday.... and my rough draft is due today... and guess what I have...........!
not much!

Friday, December 05, 2003

days left

Oh My God!
where did the year go?!
I'm about to go on my final exams.... I guess I'll get lost for a couple of days... or weeks (I have to spend more time on my books!)... anyway... I hope I get excellent grades...

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Stranded (my strange, lonely times)

So what... 'stranded' is the title of a song i like, and i can somehow relate to it...
OK... oite esto:
There's a time when a person is the happiest... i can tell you now when i think i was the happiest because it's the time i never asked myself if i was happy. when you wonder "Am i happy?" be careful...
Anyway! when i was at my happiest i didn't have anything (i know life is sooo strange!) I didn't have money or nice clothes... i didn't have internet access, although i had two e-mail accounts that i checked once a month! And in spite of that i had a great time.
I had the most wonderful friends that i could ever ask for in this insane world... i'm still in touch with some of them. And i felt useful! i would help so many people.... i was a super clown at my church (my artistic name was 'ronchita') and i loved it. i was so good at school! i love math! i was friends with my teachers (and that's true!) i was really happy! i had three best friends...
1) the girl who knew (and still knows) everything about me and viceversa... and i mean everything!)
2) the guy that was like my dad... i could talk to him about everything and he would give me the best advice... and after all... he'd be still my friend! (maestro!) and
3) the one i didn't get! he could be the funny guy, the smart guy, the stupid one, the needy... etc... he would ask ME for advice... because he trusted me. he was the one who missed me when i was out of town for two or three days... and when i got back he'd hug me as if i'd been gone for two years.

but life is not perfect and so i hit the pavement.

i lost everything at once... now i don't know if i really lost everything... 'cause i never owned anything to begin with! i left my home country to come here 'to have a better life' (according to others). i guess i just wanted to go back... because i want to love and feel loved... now, i want to go back to say good-bye, 'cause i never got to say good-bye. if you think this is a mass confusion... you might be right!
but that's the way life works... one insanity at the time :)


Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Still here... but about to leave!

I'm leaving.... I don't like this template and I have no idea how to use the HTML code... soooo....
ciao locos!

Still Here

Well... I'm just trying to do this thing... I hope I get it right...
I have so many things to do... I don't know why I'm here....
sometimes I wish there was no Internet, no TV, nothing ... sometimes it is all a waste of time... of life.
But I'm still here.