Saturday, November 19, 2005

Thoughts for a penny

I went to sleep at 2:30 am and I was still thinking about all the things pending, but really, I was very excited after researching for so long about great women these days. I looked over the materials from last summer's NCCWSL. It was fun. But I had to go to sleep, so I did. I went to sleep with the idea that I would sleep in... but since plans mean nothing, I woke up at 7:30 am when I felt blood coming out of my nose (sorry if this grossed you out). I was a little confused, so I looked at my hands and realized I had to go to the bathroom if I didn't want to make a big mess in my bed. After it completely stopped (like 5 minutes later), I was wide awake and could not make myself fall back asleep. So I decided to keep looking to the NCCWSL stuff.
I also looked thru some magazines that I brought back from Kansas City... they had some neat graphics that I cut out. I threw away the magazines... the cut outs will probably go up on my wall. Have you ever seen my wall? I have pictures of it on my Flickr site and on one of the first posts of my photoblog... it's pretty full of artsy stuff. It inspires me. In my new room (cause we bought a house and we're moving during Thanksgiving break) I want to keep the same mood I have on my wall now. But I'll also make some room for a special billboard art project that I looked at. It'll be neat. I can't really explain what I'll do cause I really still have no clue how it'll work out... but when it happens I'll take pictures... and then you won't need any explanation.

Also, a couple of hours ago I realized that some text-messages were deleted from my cell phone. They were very special to me. Some were from April. I don't know how that happened... but they're gone. I've been thinking of her a lot. I miss her so much.
Then I also called my dad today, but he wasn't home. So I got to talk with my lil bro Mario... he's a hilarious! Chambriamos un rato and it was nice. Then with the same phone card I called my best friend Paulina. The operator said I only had 12 minutes, but we talked for longer until it cut the call. She had the chance to tell me that she uses this thing called Skipe, so I downloaded it and we continued talking for at least another hour 1/2. I was very good talking to her. She was laughing so hard at some faces I was making and some stuff we were discussing... I guess you can call that chambriar too!

Anyway, I also learned that I have a BUNCH of selfportraits in my photo files... so I posted some of them in my photoblog. So if an image is worth a thousand words... I wonder how many posts in this blog is each of my selfportraits worth. Hmmm...
This is the permanent link, in case you want to see those photos. That's it. That's been today so far... and it's still pretty early!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Today I know...

That I like posters. And I'm falling in love with art all over again... I love it when this happens!!! Today when I was going up the black-metal stairs and I saw my reflection in the window I thought to myself "what am I doing? what am I doing in journalism? why am I in that department? I should be a BFA -Bachellor of Fine Arts-... Man... I should have done just Art." And well, as much as I want to live my life with no regrets things like this one happen. I really would like to work on art all day long. But I guess everyone's got to make a living... Student Affairs shouldn't be that bad. It's a lot of work but I'll enjoy it. So I need to find a good Higher Ed Grad program (any suggestions, dear readers?). BUT listen to this -read it, I guess- ONE DAY I will do what I dream of... I'll be a full-time artist. Life's short... I just pray -and I'm working hard- so that day comes soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The nights are longer when you're sick

Don't you think? I also forget about everything... I forgot that it was Wednesday, and so I missed some important stuff I had. It's cold outside.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Stand on someone's shoulders"

I am sick. I have to go finish a project. I'm taking some pictures for that. It's cold outside... I don't want to get sicker.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Today has been crazy... and it's only 3 pm

Me-- Going to class really late.
Me-- Ran into Cody K outside the union and the FNAR building
Nick and others from the 3rd floor classroom window: B!!! Get to class!!!
Me-- Very embarrassed

5 minutes later...

Me (as I enter the computer lab): Ya'll are so mean!
Everyone: Laughing
TH: If you're gonna miss class, just don't stand right outside the building!
Me: But I just got to campus! I overslept and I had to go turn in my paper that was due at 8 o'clock. I was coming to class! Look, (shows parking deck receit) I really just got to campus.
TH: Is it supposed to make it better that you got here at 11 when the class was at 9:30?! (giggling)
Me: I told you I overslept... and I had to go to my other professor to turn in my paper.
TH: There are NO other professors!!!

What I learned today: if I have to stay up until 4 am... why bother going to bed? Next time this won't happen. I won't oversleep... because I won't go to sleep for a couple of hours only.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Under a night like this
it's hard to know what to write.
One of those nights when everything
seems in its place, one
could wonder how, and moreover
why, the word insists, as
if the word, limpid and innocent,
stood out in profile amid such stillness.
As if the world had been liberated
from the world, once and for all, and from pain
all from grief and grief turned
into a feather. Night like bread of God,
bread for kindness, the image
liberated from poverty and wealth.
And man set free from both.
A dream like this, a night with no date.

Eduardo Milán
[New Orleans Review 31:1]

Thursday, November 10, 2005

City soul

I'm in Kansas City, MO for a conference. The view from my hotel room is amazing. I had forgotten how much I love the city and the rush that comes with that city-spirit. I love it.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Brown?! What do you mean Brown?! Let's just say I feel gray sometimes...

Seems like I only update once a week... It's because these weeks have gone flying. No kidding... I think I have like 4 weeks of classes left. Juelule!!! So many things to do for tomorrow.

This week in particular, I've been feeling gray. When I came to the States and someone first said I was "Brown" I thought "what the heck?!" cause I really didn't know that's how some refer to Latinos... anyway, now I know. But where I live right now it seems like everything is Black and White, especially at school. And if it is like that, I think a more appropriate terms for Latinos would be gray... we really don't fall into any end. My friends are ALL colors. And I can relate to all at some point. Mmmm... I don't know how to make my point here. Ok, so on Friday, someone came to visit and she said that her new school's student population is 60% Latino. When she said that I got to thinking how long it has been since I was in such situation... you know, with so many Latinos. I had a little trouble imagining how uark would be if we had 60% Latino. That may never happen, though. At least I won't see it happen.

Then, this week, I went to the Unity step show on Friday (it's a competition, the Black Greeks on campus teach the White Greeks to step). The show was good, but the Arena was full of all the brothers and sisters that were supporting their organizations... I don't think I've even been in a closed space with so many White Greeks. Then on Saturday I went to the NPHC step show on campus... the show was WOW! Then, again, I haven't been in a close space with so many Black Greeks (they're crunk!). I think I need to clarify here, I'm not into the Greek thing... that's just how it happened this week. And it contributed to me, feeling gray.

Then at the basketball game on Friday night, we played against SouthWest Baptist (we won!). The game was good... But I couldn't help but notice that the SWB team had a couple of Latinos. Then, for a second, I wondered how it would be like if there were Latinos in our team.

Anywho... I'm just gonna go do what I need to do for tomorrow and will leave you thinking about my grayness. Hey, I also updated my website... you should stop by there.