Thursday, September 23, 2004

Where's the independence?!

The Salvadoran president spoke to the U.N. one of these days and he justified the presence of Salvadoran military in Iraq... we all know he's just pleasing papi Bush, however, he's what Tony Saca pointed out:
En la vitrina del planeta [Saca] dijo que era hora de poner al servicio de otros pueblos lo aprendido por El Salvador en la etapa de las negociaciones y la consolidación de la paz.
And I say:
What peace???? have you seen the headlines lately??? I think Saca needs to read the news about E.S. more often... it's all violence, crime, hate...

Bravo Mr. President!
Here's the entire article

A poem - en español

Solo en mis sueños

No sé si algún día lograre olvidar
el color exacto de tus ojos,
el tono gracioso de tu voz,
o si algún día cerraré los ojos
sin que tu recuerdo venga a mí
y me lleve a otro tiempo,
a otro lugar donde si me amas,
donde nunca me olvidaste...
a ese lugar,
que talvez nunca encontraré
afuera de mis sueños.


I posted the Spanish version. Hopefully I'll publish all my poems one day... I already have the title of the book!!! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Desde lejos

El día de la independencia de El Salvador fue el 15 de Septiembre.
Muchos compatriotas en varios lugares de los EE.UU. celebraron con fiestas, desfiles y lagrimas... porque en la distancia es donde la patria tiene un significado más profundo en la vida de las personas. En mi vida.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

La independencia en proceso

sacado de El Diario de Hoy

Rosa Amelia Mejia de 23 años, junto a su hijo de 2 años de edad, vende banderas en las calles capitalinas para ganarse la vida. Asegura que vende alrededor de 2 docenas de banderas diarias.

A poem

Only In Dreams

Maybe someday
I'll forget the exact color of your eyes,
and the playful tone of your voice.
And I hope
that one of these days
your image won't come to my mind
every time I close my eyes...
because your eyes take me to another time,
to another place,
where you do love me...
where you never forgot me,
to that place
I'll find only in my dreams.

This poem I wrote in Spanish (Solo en mis sueños). Here's the translation. Hope you like it. It's kinda old. I wrote it about two years ago.
I wrote three new poems last night.
I'll publish all my poetry one day. That's one of my dreams.

Friday, September 17, 2004

What dreams may come

This is is my favorite movie ever. There are many great ones, but this is the one that I can watch over and over and over... and it'd still capture my senses.

Friday, September 10, 2004


As many of my friends know, I love coffee... but I have a very expensive taste. Every time you go get coffee, you always end up paying like $4.
Soooo... I make my own iced mocha and mocha frappuccinos at home, but I'm not always at home... and when I want coffee, I have to have it. I know! it is a problem!
Will the coffee prices ever go down?
Will the gas prices ever go down?
Will the Razorback merchandise prices ever go down?
The answer is "We don't know" like in history or anthropology! he he he

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

"you'll get caught up with your sleep in about 30 years"

Said P.M. one of my advisors/friends/leaders/directors. He's really awesome. I saw him this morning (at 7:45 am) when I was reading for my WLIT class in one of the tables in the Union. I told him I was tired and then he said "you'll get caught up with your sleep in about 30 years". Well, if your wondering what the heck am I into... easy... I'm really involved with Students Affairs.
I'm actually a Journalism student (not actually a Journalist though... try Advertising and Public Relations). But I have so much passion for Students Affairs... I don't even know when this began... but it is now in my heart, what can I say?!
I have my interview for the MUFP this Friday morning. I'm so excited!
Well... no time for more.
My schedule is so crazy!!!!!!!! I go from class to meetings to work to office hours to more meetings to study to rehersals to volunteer to advisory committee meetings... and the list goes on and on.
Till next time... this was BG, reporting for blogger.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Life is so wonderful!
I've been having a great time lately, that doesn't mean I'va not had any problems ('cuz I'va had a lot), that means that I've been doing my best and living life to the fullest!!!
Living, making decisions, speaking, hughing, ect FROM THE HEART...
Someone told me one of these days, that one should only do things from the heart, even if it's wrong... of course, I looked at him like saying "WHAT?"
Then he explained, if you do things from the heart, you'd be happy because you're being yourself. "Then you'll sleep good at night" he said to me and then added, "You'll be in peace with yourself" and that was one of the moments I'll never forget (should I say "one of those lectures I'll never forget"?!)
Well... live from the heart.