Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dreaming about David Carson

I'm at home. Still trying to fully recover from the wisdom teeth removal. I'm still talking funny.

This morning I woke up at 7:30 and went to the bathroom to spit and do other gross stuff to get rid of the nasty taste in my mouth. After a couple of baby-cups of orange juice I decided it was all good enough to go back to my room. When I got there I was very much awake... I guess the orange juice got all the sleepiness out of my body for good. So I grabbed a book from my shelf and sat on my bed. I grabbed "The End of Print: Graphic Design of David Carson" and started reading, and thinking. Graphic design books and magazines make me think a lot. More than books on spirituality or even politics. Art books in general have the effect that travel books or novels like "Loving Che" and "Una Vida en el Cine" have in me. They make me want to get up and do something. After reading "Loving Che" I wanted to paint and collect old photos of strangers.

But well, my point was that this morning I was immersed in the work of David Carson. After an hour or so of reading and thinking, I got sleepy. I kept thinking in my sleep. I kept creating art in the style of Carson. I kept saying his name and thinking that I would meet him. I don't remember everything from my dream. I do remember that I went into Barnes & Noble wanting to buy the book because the copy I'm reading is from the Fine Arts Library. I remember that the guy at BN said they only had one and it was theirs for Carson to sign. I remember thinking how lame that was. Maybe they would sell it on ebay later on.

My alarm went off and I remember that every time I snoozed I would add something to the poster I was working on. I said Carson's name a couple of times, so I added it to the work a couple of times. It was interesting. I hadn't had one of those half-sleep-half-awake experiences in some time. I'll have to let my graphic design teacher read this some day, she'll get a kick out of it... She was who made me start looking into Carson's work in the first place.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bits of inspiration from here and there

I'm doing much better. It doesn't hurt much and the bleeding has decreased. The taste in my mouth is still very nasty, but I'm doing better. I'm still taking the pain medicine and the antibiotics. The nausea medicine is only good every now and then. I had to take it last night cause I wasn't feeling in one place, and it made me sleep a lot.

Yesterday I had some moments of inspiration... not the type of inspiration that makes you go do something specific, but the type of inspiration that reminds you life is beautiful. I took some pictures. I posted them here.

I can't handle much time in front of the computer. It makes me want to throw up. So I'm done for today.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Lost the teeth, kept the wisdom.

Warning: i'm kinda drugged right now, so things might not make sense.

Pain killers, I thank goodness for them. It was like 3pm when I was waiting for my dear mother to come back from walmart with my soft food (gerber food, and stuff) so I could eat a little to be able to take the freaking pain killers. I was in so much pain! I think I have to go take more now, my stomach is almost talking to me and i feel like i'm gonna throw up in a minute.... this is so nasty. Lots of blood and saliva. Not such a beautiful mental picture, huh?!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow morning. My surgery is scheduled for 9 am. I went for the consultation today and they scheduled the surgery for tomorrow, so I'll have enough time to heal for the plane ride to College Station, TX for the Summer Leadership Institute in a couple of weeks.

Apparently, it would be really painfull for me to fly too soon after the surgery.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Words of a future DCist

After spending some time here, I've realized how much I really want to live in DC. Is not just the fact that I feel like I fit right in, but also the fact that there is so much to get to see still. I want to go to Dupont Circle. I've never been there and I've heard so much about it. I want to go to graphic design art shows or just to a bar where they just happen to have a band playing latin jazz one night-- you know, a lo caribeƱo. I want public transportation and people around me. I want strangers around me, like I had in San Salvador. Where I live now, I can't go anywhere without running into someone I know. Some people long for a life in a small town, but I'm just not like that. I had to take the bus and cross streets by myself before I got sixth grade. I have a city-soul and I can't help it. And DC is just so wonderful!

I have to stop writing right now. Not just because I need to do some reading, but also because my heart is beating faster at the thought of DC.

P.S. I'm reading this.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Remind me.

I love this picture for many different reasons, the main one is because it reminds me of DC -- one of my favorite places. I also liked the Lonely Planet ad that was in front of me, that's why I took the picture. It's a little blurry, which makes me a bit sad. But my point is that I like to take pictures of things that inspire me, and this little scene in front of me inspired me.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


My abuelito is here!!! We're all excited that he's come to visit, I've been taking photos, of course. We made pupusas this morning for breakfast and then we went outside in la hamaca cause the day was nice.... it's been raining but that's why it was so nice, it was not so hot out there. Tio Manuel came by when we were making the pupusas and tio Samuel came by after. Right now we're about to start watching the Italy-U.S. game.

On another subject, I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out in the next two weeks. I have the appointment with the doctor to check what exactly they'll do and then we'll get a time for them to do the surgery. All 4 teeth are going. They've been hurting a lot lately.

Earlier today, I was looking at the Visual Arts School's website.... very good stuff.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Highlight of my DC trip last week

The ABSOLUTELY BEST was the Women of Distinction celebration. I got to meet these AMAZING women:

Consuelo Castillo Kickbush, Beverly Tatum, Rebecca Walker, Eve Ensler, and Bernice Sandler!!!!

What can I say, I was so excited-- I couldn't stop smiling!!!!!!!!! They were all simply amazing... Profound in every way you can think of. Intellectual, compassionate, beautiful...... I saw in them what I want to be one day, sooner rather than later. I want to be of inspiration to others like they are an inspiration to me. I've wanted that ever since I can remember-- I actually remember telling that to Maria Ines that year before she passed. Sometimes I forget that I want that... But then I meet wonderful people like these women and I'm reminded of it. Who wants to be like Barbie (the doll)?! I want to be like these ladies!

The first photo here is the Student Advisory Council (that includes me) and our Women of Distinction. And here I am with Beverly, Bernice, and Rebecca.

So keep reading my blog, if you do. Because I'm a future AAUW Woman of Distinction!!!

Oh, and if you can't wait any longer for more on my DC trip you can see the edited version of my trip here: Web Design Project 3.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back here-- from DC.

I'm back. The week didn't last long enough in DC. I have some great stories to tell, many photos, many reasons to smile. Right now, though, I'm catching up with some things I need to do-- web design reading, for instance. So it'd be later that I write here about my 3rd visit to the city I want to call home. For now, I'll leave you with a picture of my friend Aaron and me at the Open City cafe. It was the only chance I had to meet with him. I was a little sad because I didn't get to see my cousins and tia Maya, and I didn't get to meet with Mariama. Despite not having enough time to do everything I wanted, I had a wonderful time. I will tell you more about it, I promise.

Love, B.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

What did I dream?!

I've been listening to THIS song for past 10 minutes. I really like it.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. I spent all day thinking really hard about his age... I was a little confused as if he was turning 51 or 56. I don't feel a bit bad, he's worst.... he usually asks ME how old I am on my birthday.

I have to call him. I couldn't call him yesterday. I'll do that right now and then I'll go paint... or draw. I may draw a little. That's fun :)

I got a haircut today. Nothing extreme, looks nice.

I have to put up the exhibit on Monday at the Anne Kittrell Gallery. We finally decided on a name "The Essence of Woman." I still don't know how many of my pieces will go up, I guess it depends on how many I get from the other girls.

I can't wait to be in DC. I can't wait to be there and see my future home --Aha! That's what I dreamed!!!!-- I can't wait to go to my favorite place: the Open City coffeehouse/diner/bar. I can't wait to ride the metro again. I can't wait to see my friend and my cousins. I can't wait!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A very orange sunset

I just witnessed one of the most refreshing sunsets I've seen in some time. It's raining. It's been raining for a couple of hours and so everything looks extra clear outside. Just a moment ago I looked out the window just to be amazed by this amazing sunset! Well, I couldn't actually see the sun set, but I mean, it's not like it could have been anything else. Because it was cloudy and raining the only thing visible was the light --color-- of the sun. The sky was orange and very bright. I couldn't help but --of course-- go out and take pictures. And since it's me who I'm talking about here, of course I had to take a pic of myself. I look silly and my face turned out very orange. There, there you have it... it's the presence of the sun on my face! It was amazing... unbelievable!

I'm at home. Blogging. In a minute I'll be painting or drawing. I also need to clean my room, at least a little bit so I can feel more confortable while working on my art. Last night was a very good one. See the photo of the selfportrait (previous post).... I did it in about 15 minutes. I don't remeber ever drawing in so little time, specially a selfportrait. The very first ones would take me hours-- really!

I'll buy a domain, but all the ones I like are taken. Please help me think of one -- yes, I mean you , the random person reading this blog... even though you don't know me-- Here are some of the ones I've thought of that are not taken: beg-art.com, beuarts.com, begartz.com (someone said the Z was no good), waytob.com... I want it to have something to do with the fact that I go by "B." El profe suggested "waytob.com." HELP!

By the way, aquarelita.com is available but out of the question. I don't know what I was thinking when I made that up. Really. I don't remember, so there's no point on getting that domain if I can't explain what it means....

Ok, so jumping to something else. On facebook I just read this comment on one of the grougs I belong to:
Well, my car is special. I have buttons that control my radio on the steering wheel which I thought was pretty cool when I got it...I was wrong! Apparently there is a short in the wiring somwhere because whenever I turn my steering wheel the radio station changes. It's been doing that for awhile, I just got used to it. Then today I turned around a sharp corner and the volume turned all the way up! It doesn't get anymore ghetto than that. It wouldn't be so bad if my car wasn't a piece of crap in the first place...that just put the icing on the cake!
Yes-- the group was the "I Need I New Car Club." HAHAHA it cracked me UP!