Saturday, June 03, 2006

What did I dream?!

I've been listening to THIS song for past 10 minutes. I really like it.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. I spent all day thinking really hard about his age... I was a little confused as if he was turning 51 or 56. I don't feel a bit bad, he's worst.... he usually asks ME how old I am on my birthday.

I have to call him. I couldn't call him yesterday. I'll do that right now and then I'll go paint... or draw. I may draw a little. That's fun :)

I got a haircut today. Nothing extreme, looks nice.

I have to put up the exhibit on Monday at the Anne Kittrell Gallery. We finally decided on a name "The Essence of Woman." I still don't know how many of my pieces will go up, I guess it depends on how many I get from the other girls.

I can't wait to be in DC. I can't wait to be there and see my future home --Aha! That's what I dreamed!!!!-- I can't wait to go to my favorite place: the Open City coffeehouse/diner/bar. I can't wait to ride the metro again. I can't wait to see my friend and my cousins. I can't wait!

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