Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Change the way you see things, forever!

Some people can change your life.
I've had many friends, leaders, and professors who had inspired me in many different ways.
And now, just two days of classes have passed... and my life is already changing, my thinking is already being challenged. It's amazing.
One of my professors asked me about the SMIFAM (Single Most Important Fact About Myself) and I've been thinking about it since then, because at that time I didn't have an answer...
I think the SMIFAM is that I want to be remembered.
And that's why I'm doing my best at everything, and trying to be happy, and working so hard, and trying to impact as many lives as I can... 'cause I want to be remembered.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Textbook Mafia

I hate the fact the textbooks are so expensive... and they (the textbook mafia members) do anything to make sure you're the one that ends up loosing. I bet there is someone on THAT end who's right now enjoying life with MY money!!!
It's unbelievable!!!

Monday, August 16, 2004

Make a Difference Day

Hey I just got out of a meeting for MADDay 2004.
It was fun, we have a LOT of stuff to do... as I write this words, my co-chair and I are making up the Top 10 reasons someone should volunteer on Make a Difference Day.
We have 9 right now... some are very cheesy... so we'll probably make up 15 or more and then choose the best ones.
Did I mention I'm excited to start back school???!!!
I went to see my J-professors today and they were all happy to see me... they all asked if I was there to get my scholarship money :)
And I got into a "skong" production with the J-dep (skong = skit + song). We'll practice on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons.
Did I mention that life is awesome?!!!

Fall '04 schedule

I just turned in my work schedule to my boss...
I spend time last night thinking about my class and work schedule... trying to squeeze some work between my classes and I got a little stressed. I'm involved in so many things at the University that I don't know if I'll be able to get enough work to fulfill my needs (gas, cell phone bill, lunches, mocha frappuccinos and iced mochas...)
I'm doing my best.
I'm happy school is starting back... I love everything about the UA (I'd need more scholarships though, 'cause it's expensive for me).
And I'm so excited about Make a Difference Day and all the other things I'm doing... hopefully I'll get sellected for the Minority Undergraduate Fellows Program.
Life is awesome. I'm so grateful for everything. Gracias Dios!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Tu y yo a la fiesta!

This is an old song by Loona, I used to listen to it all the time in the radio, but it never got to me really bad like "drops of jupiter" or "why don't you and I" or, you know, all those songs that when they play them on the radio the volume just goes all the way up!!!
NO, this song was just another song... UNTIL NOW!
I have this friend that started to sing it, just out of the blue, he looked at me and said "tu y yo a la fiesta, tu y yo toda la noche" and it hit me... I grew up with that song, so I looked for the lyrics online and I have to say it, they're cheesy... they make me think of how my life is made up of so many chessy little things.
I love my life, I wouldn't trade one minute of my life for anything in this planet (in spite of all that cheesy stuff I call "beatiful memories")
Anyway, here are the lyrics:

Bailando bailando, amigos adios, adios, el silencio loco
Bailando bailando, amigos adios, adios, el silencio loco

Si señor, efectos especiales, yeah ,yeah ,yeah
Si señor, una tentacion, yeah ,yeah ,yeah
Tu y yo a la fiesta
Tu y yo toda la noche
Tu y yo a la fiesta
Tu y yo, oh oh oh

Bailando bailando, amigos adios, adios, el silencio loco
Bailando bailando, amigos adios, adios, el silencio loco

Si señor, corona de cristales, yeah ,yeah ,yeah
Si señor, una emocion, yeah ,yeah ,yeah
Tu y yo a la fiesta
Tu y yo toda la noche
Tu y yo a la fiesta
Tu y yo, oh oh oh

Bailando bailando, amigos adios, adios, el silencio loco
Bailando bailando, amigos adios, adios, el silencio loco

From a wise one

"Be the change you wish to see in the world…" - Gandhi
Gandhi is one of the wise ones I admire! One of this days (Monday night to be exact!) I was at Barnes & Noble with one of my best friends and I saw a journal with this quote on the cover...
The first thing that came to my mind was "Hey... that'll be so perfect for my poetry!" and then I looked at the price and like everything else at B&N it was overpriced, so I just looked at it for a moment and put it back on the shef.
Of course, with my university bill on the mailbox and a bunch of textbooks to buy and a cell phone to get I can't buy something like this... not right now.
I'll wait till I have my own office with my nameplate on my desk to buy a cool journal for my poetry!!!
Or maybe I just have to wait till my b-day comes around and someone asks me "hey, what do you want for your b-day?" then I'll say "hold on a sec, let me get the list!" ha ha ha!

Thursday, August 12, 2004


ROCK camp session 1 was a great experience. I had a blast and I think the campers had a great time too. I’m all sore for all the activities and games…if pain is weakness leaving the body, then all I have to say is that I never thought I was THAT weak!!!
I’m looking forward to ROCK camp session 2. I hope the weather is nicer… because we had rain on day 2 - session 1.
What I liked the most was the dance… we were all dancing, even tough some of us should have been sitting down since our dancing skills aren’t so great. And there were a million bugs dancing with us!
CJ will teach me how to “step” :)
HA, I bet that’ll be fun!!!
And also, for session 2 I’ll be prepared for the cup-game. I’ll be practicing!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Frida Kahlo

So I guess I'm one of the thousands that just LOVE Frida Kahlo and her art.
I recently found out that Maria Sanchez has a Frida gallery that I really liked.
The piece I liked the most is "Presenting Frida" There is something about that piece that just blows me away!
I love it.
So I wanted to share that in this so-called blog.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


It is August 04, 2004...
In 21 days I'll be in a classroom full of new people with whom I might end up making friends.
Yeah baby! Classes start the 23 and I don't even know what books I'm gonna need!
I guess I expected the summer to last a little bit more.
I've been really busy working on my projects that I put on hold many thing I wanted to do, such as read "Compañero: Vida y muerte del Che Guevara" and "Les Miserables"
I've read Pablo Neruda and "Una vida con proposito" and I read some of "Van Gogh by Himself" and that makes me feel better.
But... Where did all the time go?!
I still have a HUGE to-do list... Actually I have more than one:

  • MADDay
  • DA
  • Thank-you letters from May!
  • Art
    - A portrait from my co-worker's grandbaby
    - My best friends art lesson
    - Starry night! (well... at least I wanna try!)

And if I have so much to do for LULAC and for DA it is because I PROCRASTINATED!
Shame on me!
It really sucks to admit it... but that's it!
Well... as I said... I have A LOT to do so I'll write (or loose my precious time in this stupid site) later!