Monday, November 14, 2005

Today has been crazy... and it's only 3 pm

Me-- Going to class really late.
Me-- Ran into Cody K outside the union and the FNAR building
Nick and others from the 3rd floor classroom window: B!!! Get to class!!!
Me-- Very embarrassed

5 minutes later...

Me (as I enter the computer lab): Ya'll are so mean!
Everyone: Laughing
TH: If you're gonna miss class, just don't stand right outside the building!
Me: But I just got to campus! I overslept and I had to go turn in my paper that was due at 8 o'clock. I was coming to class! Look, (shows parking deck receit) I really just got to campus.
TH: Is it supposed to make it better that you got here at 11 when the class was at 9:30?! (giggling)
Me: I told you I overslept... and I had to go to my other professor to turn in my paper.
TH: There are NO other professors!!!

What I learned today: if I have to stay up until 4 am... why bother going to bed? Next time this won't happen. I won't oversleep... because I won't go to sleep for a couple of hours only.

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