Friday, February 15, 2008

"this is the plan"

i am excited!!! Ja and Jo are here visiting from las vegas... I love them! we hung out pretty much all day today. I missed them. And blast from the past, the UA felt familiar again.. nice to have seen some friends again. 

now, here's the plan, as Jo told me:
i'm going to move to Chicago, then Josh and Keith will follow, then Ja and Jo. simple. it will most likely not happen tomorrow, but that's the plan. 

in another note. there's a little girl that has been in my heart since the first time i saw her picture and her pigtails. 
i'm praying for you every day. 

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Jake said...

It was great to see you this past weekend B. It's been nice to hang out twice in the last six months. Hopefully we can make this a regular thing...and if you move to Chicago its a bit easier to get there :-P