Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Looking forward

Here's a new month. October. If I was in my country, I would be expecting winds.. ans who knows what else, at this point in my life. I miss those winds.

Here, the days are getting colder and the sky is painted of a perfect blue that overwhelms everything with a clarity that makes us so aware of change. Soon the trees will transform. Their leaves will change colors to yellows, oranges and reds. Fall is beautiful, but I dread the cold a bit. I'm sure I'll remember how to love it soon, but now, I dread the cold.

I am excited about things to come. About a photo trip around the Ozarks with Anna. About new paintings and new pictures and empty spaces. I have to move materials out of my room. I need a studio.

Oh well. I have this to share. A new commercial I've seen on TV. Reminds me of friends.
I love it.

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