Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh Jack Johnson

I have a song in my head and it's got me smiling every 5 minutes and moving from side to side as if I was at the live performance. I was also thinking how hard it is to reflect. I used to be much better at it. The words would flow and every now and then, a poem would come and give life to an simple thought, making it float, making it dance to the melody of my heart. But sometimes is hard to give any more thought to what's already hard to take in.

Always looking out... says Jack on that song. Always looking out.

The past month of my life has been nothing short of a roller coaster and I'm
still not caught up work and rest. So words... they're the last item on the list... at least worthy of writing. I still have a lot of silly, bad composed sentences coming out of my mount faster than they travel my mind. Foolish. Funny. Annoying, I would imagine.

Oh, but sometimes is just hard to write without a melody in your heart. They won't come out if it's not along a beautiful melody of the heart. So we just float. We float above any meaning, any essence. We build dreams with clouds instead of hard metal that would last a few more years. And by we, I mean I. Always looking out... said Jack on that song.

I'll keep humming the song in my head. Words don't come so easy today. Maybe because I
want green tea and honey. And because I'm not taking time to revisit moments. I am content with right now. I feel good. I love that song in my head and I'm looking out... I need this right now. A break. Recoup and will look in tomorrow. Or the day after. Miracles take time to digest and they change you. I know I'm not the same I was a month ago. But for now, I won't try to figure out what's different, for the rest of the night I'll just keep humming my song.

Always looking out....

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