Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The sun is out and we're alive! Today is Summer Solstice and there is just so much I want to do (outside of where I am... working hard on focusing on business, but failing to do so. let's hope this post helps me clear my mind of daydreams so I can become productive.)

This summer I want to do the following:
- Take photos (film summer, ya'll!)
- Not spend any full days at the house (day trips on the weeeeeeeeeekends!)
- Listen to lots of music.
- Spend time with people I love.
- Swim (starting this weekend.. Danville swimming yayness)
- Eat well (I plan to cut out buying bread. if I want it, i'll have to bake it myself omgchallenge!)
- Bike bike biiiiiiiiiike.

Here's to a beautiful season of the Sun.

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