Saturday, August 06, 2011

Under the starts

I realized today that Summer is going by fast and that the end of it is only about 6 weeks away. I haven't counted, but I feel like I'm right when I say 6 weeks. While I was showering this evening I looked out the window, and saw the sun is now setting close to the mid point of my face. It left the right side of the fence little by little and it'll soon be on the left side of the fence... and it will be cold.

For a couple of weeks there, I slowed down on the summer on film thing. But I never stopped and now I've picked up the pace. I asked my mom to develop the rolls of film for me in the Winter, just in case something happens to me. I don't want those to go undeveloped. I'm starting to forget about the photos I've taken, and that makes me much more excited about the whole project.

Winter will be harsh. But I think to keep it alive, I will do a double exposure project on my own. That'd be fun.

I almost want to go sleep under the stars tonight. There's been a lot on my mind and I just want to feel the breeze. So many decisions. I've been thinking about it all a bit more than usual lately. I can live with a broken heart, but I can't fly without wings. I wonder what will happen. I don't understand why things are the way they are, but now I have nothing else to do but to deal with life as it's been handed to me.

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