Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A dream of old friends and ceremonial stuff

I had another vivid dream. This time I woke up annoyed, and everyone in the dream was annoyed with me. I was at my old church in El Salvador. It was clear that I had been away for a few years, because everyone was grown and the place looked completely different (yet felt familiar). I had been hanging out on the 2nd level of the building and was wearing a fancy dress.. Some quinceañera type thing, but white... or cream. And I came to the main temple and everyone there looked bored. When they saw me come in they were like "finally! where have you been?" and then two of my friends and me when up on the podium... where couples usually get married, and just stood there. I don't know what kind of celebration it was, but I woke up and was so thankful I got out of that dream. It was so clear and so boring. I guess I'm not eager to go back to any church anytime soon.

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