Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh, my vivid dreams take me places

It's been three nights that I've been living crazy dreams. The first night I went to la escuela España and saw a lot of people I knew. And I took a photo with my two classmates from el colegio... the only two that have passed away. I hope it's not a sign.

Then yesterday I couldn't wake up, because I was busy on some kind of adventure. I've forgotten it by now.

But this morning... oh man, this morning I woke up having a Walter Mitty kind of adventure. I was sent off from a car going by really fast and I was on a smaller car inside it and went on to some mountain. But I was thrown off the smaller car and ended up in some kind of cave-like place, and started finding bags and a towel, and recognized it from before. I had been there before. But I was some kind of fugitive, because the police came and I was able to escape, but then everyone was looking for me. I made it to La Colonia Libertad, and I went around the park a few times.

I'm glad my mind takes me places I know so well.

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