Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"5 days of" in 2015

This year I decided to do several things instead of new year's resolutions.
I have some big things
and I have some little things.

The big things:
- I'm translating my favorite book to English
- I'm eating healthier
- I'm speaking things into existence
- I'm painting more

The little things:
I am doing 5 day challenges. I wrote a whole bunch of things on pieces of paper and put them in an empty tissue box where I pull out a new one on Monday (or Tuesday, if I'm not in the office on Monday) and then I have my challenge for the week. I'm posting them on instagram under #5DaysOf2015
So far, I have gotten this done:
- Mailed 5 handwritten notes
- Discovered 5 new bands
and this week is - 5 days of yoga
This is all in an effort of making my weekdays count. The years, after college, have just been going too fast. I think it's because I get stuck in routines. They are lame. I'm shaking things up.

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