Tuesday, August 04, 2015


That's how I feel right now. I asked my best friend if she's mad at me because of something that happened last week, after which she's been very short on contact with me. So I asked this morning. In a text message. She said no, in the same short manner she's been answering me for over a week. And then, a bit later, she sent a big message saying she didn't want to think about my question because it brought her negative energy and she didn't want to deal with drama.

She's been trying to cut off the drama from her life. 

But in my understanding, drama is not the situations that you front or the conversations that you do or do not have, but rather the attitude you have when dealing with those situations or having those conversations. 

So I felt dismissed. 

A bit like I've felt all these years, waiting for a fix to that which is out of my control. 

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