Friday, September 25, 2015

About a man

“You haven’t given me much idea of __________. Would he object to your working—outside the house I mean? Excluding personal charm, which I assume, and the more conventional virtues which go with success in business, is he his own man? Has he any force of character? Or imagination and generosity? Does he read books? Has he any leaning toward the arts and sciences or anything beyond creature comfort and duck-shooting? In short, has he the possibilities of growth that would make a lifetime with him seem attractive? These things don’t appear later—they are either there latently or they will never be there at all.” 
- F. Scott Fitzgerald
What a good letter. My dad didn't give me much advice about men. He showed me how to live life for myself, and I think that is indirect advice on men -- that I shouldn't wait or want someone to come make my life better, that it is my right and my responsibility to do so myself.

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