Sunday, May 13, 2007


Even though I still have 2 summer classes until it is official, I have to say I really feel like a college grad already. In the photo I'm in line to go across the stage. Exciting times with my friend Charisma, who will be with me in both classes during the summer.

The day was just amazing. My mom really made it special for me. And that applies to the entire 4 years, really. I love you mami and I couldn't have made it without you. Here she is, so wonderfully beautiful. She's been my blessing and my role model. She's been my strength all along.
She's been the greatest gift of all. And I am so proud she's by my side. And there are no words to really explain how much I love her. Mami, thank you SO much.

I'm putting up more photos from this weekend on my flickr. But there's a little overview on my photoblog.

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