Monday, May 07, 2007

sunshine, rain and slim's chicken!

I am happy. I am almost done for this semester and graduation is on Saturday! How could I NOT be happy? I still have two projects to finish. Right now I'm working on my flash portfolio for my web2 class and when I finish it, I'll get to work on my research paper for ancient art. My creative writing portfolio went really well. I have to creatively write more often cause I think I'm good at it :)

We had a storm today in this college town, and when I was walking to the builing it smelled like sweet rain. It made it even more special that I was listening to Corinne Bailey Rae while walking... :)

I like the new background for this blog. I have to fix it a little, but that's only like a minute in photoshop. I'll do it during a break today. I have to fix the links to my friends' blogs because at least one of them is broken. I guess Pau gave it up.

1 comment:

Coco said...

yes, i do like the new background.
i like it alot better than the previoius : )

have a wonderful graduation!
que Dios te bendiga e ilumine...

me guardes algo de pastel, eh!