Friday, December 28, 2007

About me.

I think it's gotten easier to describe ourselves. And call me lame, but I think it's because of the networking websites that these generations, starting with mine, are exposed to. Every single "about me" section is there for you to fill out. You can write as much or as little as you like. As deep or as superficial as you like. You can be mysterious, you can be honest, you can be you or someone else. You can say what you want to say... thinking people will read it, or wanting people to read it, or thinking nobody will read it. You can leave it blank of fill it with a prayer, five thousand quotes, your favorite verse, your nickname, random words, etc.

About me.

It's gotten easier to say it, to write it out. But has it gotten easier to actually define a person? To define oneself? I think not. I think it's rather harder. But with the words we believe describe us, we get distracted, from actually finding meaning for ourselves.

That's just what I think. It might change tomorrow,
just like my about me.

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