Saturday, December 22, 2007

love means giving

this is the first year i didn't make a little wish list for xmas. i usually do, just for myself cause i usually end up buying myself presents "cause i deserve it" (i know you say that to yourself too). But this year i narrowed my gifts to getting my amnesty international calendar 2008 and a red batik scarf AI also had on their website.
and even though i've been planning on not getting gifts this year, we ended up with some nice gifts per family.... we couldn't do individual, cause that would be too many and too much, so we bought gift cards to different restaurants and are going to give those per family... so that each family can have some time for themselves. different restaurants, that way we dont go all together. we do that enough at any other time.
and i made some cool photo calendars and photo books for my sister, nephew and bro-in-law. that's the Erickcito family... i think i'll start calling them that, cause none of them go by the same last name. no restaurant gift card for them.
and i got my mom the face lotions she wanted. pricey, but i know she'll love them.
hopefully i'll finish the scarf i'm making for my sister in time for xmas. she'll like it.
and after that i'll start a scarf for my other sis... lidi... and mail it to her. and i'm bringing juanca a bunch of stuff i've been saving for him. i am so excited to see him for new years!!! thank goodness the cotton bowl is there, so i have a ride to go see my big bro :D

let it snow... but not too much cause i dont drive good on it :D

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