Saturday, May 17, 2008


On my drive back home from the movie theater tonight I felt good. I don't know if it was the cool breeze on a rather hot night, or the fact that I can almost see the fireflies in my backyard... longing for summer nights. I don't know if it was that there was nothing good in the radio and when I turned it off I heard the music of crickets, the air coming through my window and the engine running free. Or maybe it was the solitary road I took, escaping from stop lights and bad drivers. Things felt right. Beautiful. There was a moment where the road seemed to go nowhere or anywhere, and then even the stops felt poetic. I was thinking of a poem and then decided to stop and just suck up the moment and take in all I can so maybe later I can put it in a painting... all of it. The infinite road, the moonlight, the sound of the crickets. All of it. All the beauty of a moment.

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lady 22 said...

you never know when it will be a good moment to write a poem, even if you're at the same place you're every day I'm sure that God opens your eyes to see something new that you never saw before... that is life...! I had time that I didn't read this words from you...! I think this kind of hability to see those things makes us super best friends... I miss you bertha!