Sunday, May 04, 2008

En que parte del mundo?

I was thinking this blog was dying. I've been coming to this page over and over for the past couple of weeks. Just coming. With no intention of writing or posting pictures. And it's not because there's no words, or no photos, because those have been flowing lately. One day while Paulina was here I took 806 photos... in just one day.
So I have photos to post, and stories to tell, and things to do and all. But just now, I'm relaxing. Trying to see how I can change the world without losing myself. So I came here again today to look for something I wrote long ago and looking for that I found something else, and I read two, three posts and then I felt good. Someday someone will come here and read what I wrote and smile, like I just smiled. So I'm writing. I'm writing to make someone smile, someone I don't know or someone I love. I want to make you smile.. wherever you are.

And I want to smile too.

And I have this great song playing while I write this... "no te compliques mas, siempre hay una razon. Tratar de revivir, tratar de estar mejor"

I leave you with this picture:


Coco said...

Looks like a happy moment : )
And yes, you do make me smile : )

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo...

lady 22 said...

you always make me smile.... even when we don's agree in something..