Saturday, December 13, 2008

oh i've been reading about batteries

And it looks like i need to calibrate my macbook pro battery. If it doesn't work i'll have to call apple support... it might be just a little too late to talk about calibrating a battery though... zzzZZZ.

Oh yeah... "Nothing like the Holidays" is my new fave. Will have to buy it for next Christmas... will be a movie tradition, just like Love Actually.. well, almost.

Y bueno, pareciera que no tengo nada de sueño... that's what night walks at the park do to you. Specially when it's cold. I have a full day planned for tomorrow... or later today, I should say. I have some shopping to do and some wandering. Oh, i love the definition of wandering... very poetic.

"walk or move in a leisurely, casual, or aimless way"

I am listening to the wind and the very crusty leaves that are dancing to its melody just outside this window. It's very cold outside. And I got tired of my glasses, put them away, and now the lights seem magical.

The moon tonight was beautiful. The night before I was born there was a beautiful moon, it was so bright that my mom thought the sun was still out. She said that's maybe why I like the moon so much. But then I told her how much I like the sun too.

Oh, this thinking has made me sleepy. Buenas noches.

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