Thursday, December 30, 2010

Every day is a holy day (12/30/10)

Today's date is 12/30/10. When I first saw those numbers down on a piece of paper, I felt like something amazing needed happen today so I could remember it forever. Because I thought the numbers went together beautifully. I'm not much of a numbers person, at least not all the time. I do like 8 and 10. And I like 3. And I always notice 12:12 on the clock. But other than those, I don't pay that much attention to numbers. I never add things up or count the number of letters in names or phrases. And yet today's date made me pause. I even wrote it on my hand. I don't know what drew me to those numbers, because I can't think of anything of great significance to me that happened on this date.

But with that, I lived my day looking for that something amazing that would make it extraordinary. And it's 10:30pm as I type this and I can only think of wonderful moments filling my day today:
I left work early, I went for a walk with a friend and shared some stories with him, I walked by that place at Lake Fayetteville that takes me to the sound of the waves, the weather was perfect (thanks to a very welcome heat wave), I found an apple in my bag (from yesterday) and I ate it and it was perfect, I came home and got on my bici to go for a ride around my neighborhood. Then while I was out riding I saw some gold in the sky. A hidden sunset behind winter clouds. That's when it hit me, it came with the cool wind, every day is a holy day.

I got back from my bike ride and went to the back yard to catch the last rays of the sun. I took a couple of photos and then came in the house and called Sandy, for a little catch up. Querido Diario talks, that's what we call them. I did yoga, I talked to my tia Ceci, I talked to Sandy again and planned lunch with Darby tomorrow.

I wanted to process a lot of photos tonight, but after a day so refreshing, I think I'll pass on the processing.

I'll write a postcard for Pau and a letter for Mauri. Then off to bed.

Life is beautiful, let's celebrate it every day.

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