Monday, January 03, 2011

Brand new year

Friends and family. New beginnings. Fresh smiles and so many new stories to create.

Tonight I was with my friend SMC when he bought his ticket to Argentina. We were both so excited. We met in college, but didn't become friends until we crossed paths again at the end of 09/beginning of 2010. So 2010 is the year our friendship really took shape. He's brought (and keeps bringing) many blessings to my life. Many of those blessings come in the form of new dear friends. Every time I'm with him I feel like I should have a $1 notebook or a moleskin (ahem), because there are always lines that come up in our conversations that I want to keep forever. Yesterday he told me something and I said "What? Wait.. Rewind. Delete." (and it worked, because I really don't remember what he said before). Today we made reference of that and his forgetfulness and he said "I think I just never record." Oh friends.

And something strange happened. On Saturday my mom bought 2 watches and she thought I'd like one of them, but I didn't. So we talked about the watch I already have (a $10 white watch I got at Target last year) and I thought about where in the house it could be, because it's been a minute since I've seen it. Then this morning something very strange happened. I had a long night with very little sleep, but when I was finally able to rest I started hearing a very annoying beeping. I had to follow the sound. I was still dreaming about some wonderland, because I really didn't know what I was looking for, but I kept following the sound. Which took me to a bag, inside of another bag, where I found my white watch still on Central Daylight Savings Time. I struggled to stop the alarm (that's how long it had been since I used it and how much in my dream I still was). How did that alarm get activated? And that's just one of the many questions that came to me and went (along with me) back to sleep.

New beginnings. Shaping up my new year resolutions before I drift into sleep and dive into the ocean of wonderful dreams and infinite sunsets.

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