Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some year-long projects

Today is the 12th. I like that number.

I was talking to Pauli about projects to get us going in 2011 and I wrote down my list.

  • Cuaderno Pepino (Pauli and I will keep a notebook each and we'll fill it out this year. Maybe with words, maybe with sketches, maybe with photos, maybe with all of that)

  • Autorretrato 8 (each month on the 8th I'll take a selfportrait)

  • Film year #26 (starting on the day of my birthday, I'll carry a film camera with me at all times and I'll record my 26th year [2+6=8, yo!]. I won't develop the photos until my birthday in 2012. I'll try to take a photo per day, but I'll be very flexible about the whole thing.. it's all good) Summer. I'll document my summer in film and will develop in the winter, just to remind myself that there is hope once the cold is gone.

  • 52 in 2011 (Anna and I will take a photo per week until the end of the year. This was inspired by our 365 project [which, I'm still curating... I have to post the last couple of months of photos still] I think Becky is also in this)

  • Postcard 8 (I'll send 8 postcards each month, 2 per week. These will go to several friends and family.. I like this a lot because I know those postcards will make the receipient smile when they get the unexpected love in the mail)

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