Monday, January 10, 2011

Good for the soul

It's Monday and it snowed last night. My office was extra cold today and I tried to keep warm with cafe con leche and lovely music while I worked, but it didn't work. During a post office run at lunch I saw the snow is melting on the streets. The sun was working, even when I couldn't see his face... that made me smile.

This weekend was so lovely. I got to hangout with a few of my dearest friends (Becky came from Tulsa and we met up with lil Carlee; then I got plenty of Dar-B time + a side of Ironside on Sunday too). I didn't even look at my to-do list or my email, and that was soooo refreshing. And even then, I was productive. The Dar-B body paint project is underway and we brainstormed a lot about themes and what we want from it. And we also talked about a Dar-B-Ironside show inspired by the RRRproject. I found out Darby's eyes are brown, but sometimes get green... like when she got a little hair dye in them and had to use a lot of water to make sure she didn't leave any of that hair dye in. I thought it was awesome. The next day she saw my eyes and said "you're eyes are chocolate!" It made me happy.

I also caught up with Anna by phone on Sunday night and we talked Wakarusa photography. We are so excited about Waka... the lineup for this year is great. I will get to see Ben Harper & Relentless 7 live and I get stoked at the mere thought of it-- every time. I wish I could get all my friends and loved ones (Lidi, Pauli, el Chino, Rachel) to come to Waka with me. It would be so awesome! I talked to Pauli tonight, and as always, those conversations are medicine for the heart. She's busy like I am, with a ridiculous to-do list, but taking it easy. (Somos Zen-Minded). She mentioned that one of her uncles told her to go back to El Salvador para que fuera a cuidar el rancho en la playa El Zonte. I jumped at that and told her that fit my plan B! The one we had already talked about-- she said I would have to get in line for the job because her tio Daniel also wants the position of "Vigilant del Rancho."

And while this weekend was awesome, I've realized that I'm not paying enough attention to my family. I don't know how to fix this. If it was in my power I wouldn't even live here, but I do live here and I live close to them. And while that is a blessing most of the time, the proximity makes me feel guilty when I don't see them often. I just have to be aware of things and not let my freedom dreams distant me from my family. They are precious and I don't want to regret being absent from their lives. But as Rachel told me last week, "Everything in moderation. Including moderation."

This week is going to be cold. (And) looks like this Winter is going to be bad. I am so ready for my summer love. My <3 playlist is full of songs of sunshine and love. At least they are lifting me up and getting me through the cold, cold days.

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