Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vivid dreams continue: A Tibetan friend with an afro

Today I woke up while dreaming of a friend. It started out with me and my sister (the one in Cali) trying to go up a weird building. There was a broken elevator and I suggested we jumped on top of it so it could take us, since the doors weren't opening for us. She jumped first and then I realized she would get crunched at the top when the elevator got to the end and I yelled that she needed to jump out at the next level. I started climbing some stairs and got to the top. Where there were several people just hanging out. The place looked OK, but it was definitely a temp shelter of some kind. There were lots of windows and the light was lovely. I came to sit by a guy that looked Tibetan, his skin was very dark and was smiling big. He was folding his clothes (a ton of shirts with band designs!) I saw a Jimi Hendrix one and we got to talk. Then the place filled up with water. We were both on some raised platform and I looked at the water and saw flowers just under the surface and I said something about how beautiful they looked and jumped to get them. He jumped behind me and I started pulling beautiful pastel-color flowers.. there were so many of them and then we started swimming in flowers and water... i felt so happy. then we went back to the platform to find that all his cool shirts were gone! they had been stolen. I was so sad, but he didn't get mad or sad. And then... and then.... I looked at him and he had a really cool afro! like Jimi!!!

And then I woke up... tired cause I had been swimming in flowers and water for who knows how long that night.

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