Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have I failed misserably? Yes. But that's in the past.

I have been my worst enemy in the last two months. I've excused my overspending and my lack of exercise on the fact that I've been celebrating my birthday. That's right, for two months. I count it all as a failure because I know better. I can be disciplined and I can say no, I just have chosen not to do shit to better myself.

Good news? I'm alive and that means I can turn it all around at this very moment. I didn't shoot myself on the foot. Because I've been grounded for so long I was able to cover my own ass with my savings. That's on the budget part, but on the lifestyle part I'm paying the price. Because I've chosen to go out to eat every time a friend asks me to, and I've stopped for fast food a couple of times (it's nasty, but I still ate it!), and I've chosen not to exercise and make up excuses for myself. What's been the price? Ten freaking pounds. Ridiculous? YES. It takes me a long time and a lot of work to lose that weight, but it's so easy to put back on. NO MORE, BITCH. I'm turning this train around right meow!

At the beginning of this year I set a weight goal for June 3rd. That goal is not very attainable at this point, but I will shoot for it and I will not disappoint myself if I don't reach it, as long as I get halfway there. If I can lose the 10lbs I've put on, I'll be happy because I'll be on my way. What does this mean? It means I have to make the right choices (which I am well informed on) when I go grocery shopping. It also means I will not eat out. That will not only help me on weight loss, but also to get a hold of my finances again. The hardest part is saying no to friends... or trying to change the way we socialize. Hanging out will no longer mean going out for dinner, lunch, or an expensive 16oz cup of flavored coffee. No, no mo' my friend! How about we hit the trail, go for a hike, go to the park, paint, or make dinner at home? We can all use a little more practice in the kitchen, anyway.

This post is my way to redefine my priorities. Revisit my resolutions for the year and take control of my life again, before I get the feeling it's all lost.

BLISSipline is what it's all about! And it starts right now (well, it actually started out on Tuesday, but you get my point.)

Here's something I read yesterday and stuck with me:
"For a quality life: Drink water. Brush your teeth and smile. Stretch, stay limber and breathe deep. Love at least one person, if not the whole world. Have fun."

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