Sunday, April 17, 2011

The dreams about that apartment in La Col. Libertad continue

I'm still on my vivid-dream cycle. And this morning I woke up two different times, to two dreams. I don't remember the first one, because I went back to sleep after I moved my face from the ray of sunshine hitting my eyes. But the second time I woke up, I was in my old apartment in San Salvador. There was a sea of rain water and fog that came up to that third level of the building. It covered the streets and everything around the building, and the fog made everything colorless. That was the view from the north side of the apt, from my sister's old room. Then I walked over to my room and it was empty, saved for the bed. I asked where my things were and my mom said she'd gotten rid of them. I didn't go in, but I looked at that room for a long time. And I got cold. And I felt the cold.

I've been feeling my dreams. They're going from just being vivid (like my usual cycles) to feeling real. The other morning I felt a kiss on my cheek and woke up to it. This morning I felt the cold and the water outside that window. These dreams are not much related, but they're getting more intense. I almost want to look for an expert's opinion. Almost.

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