Friday, April 22, 2011


Earlier this week, I had a random mid-day conversation with my sister Lidi. We talked about dreams. She started the conversation, I didn't even tell her about any of my dreams in detail, just mentioned I had also been having crazy dreams. She talked about lucid dreaming. She found a book about it at the Bodhi Tree book shop in L.A. She got the book for the same reason I excuse so many things about myself, because it reminded her of dad.
Lidi tells the best stories. She makes me laugh like no one else. I just never know what will be the next thing to come out of her, and that keeps me interested. She went on about how she didn't finish the book, yet started to have crazy dreams and she wasn't able to take full control. I lost it and laughed when she said "so, my dumb ass..." I love her. And yesterday I woke up to a text message from her. It made my whole day.

"I just spent about 3 hours w Jason talkin carburrows about life dreams the moon and aliens. it was very nice. Thought of you. Love you"

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