Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stronger, more distant

I want to remember that today I got to hang out with one of my best friends and my favorite hippie. He said he noticed I've changed, that I seem stronger and more distant. And we talked about happenings in both of our lives, in the time we've been apart. It's good to know our friendship is not only surviving, but growing and strengthening through the time and distance. I think he figured I wasn't more distant, just that I really don't like video games. But he stood by the idea of my presence being stronger.

I want to remember him today. And how we went into that store and smelled all the incense, and how we came to the one named "summer afternoon" and had the same reaction to it, as in "not too bad." I want to remember that moment, because we both laughed so much afterward. I want to remember his Aladdin pants and his bare feet, keeping Fayetteville funky. His crazy hair after his nap, Dragonball Z style. And how he set up his alarm at the exact time he knew I'd get there, instead of the time I told him I'd get there. And how, again, someone asked how we met... I wonder why people ask so much. And I want to remember the comments I made about his new art piece he got for this future place in Seattle, "this piece right here, it's not very organic." "Just like Seattle," he replied. I want to remember that, because I don't think he will. SMC.

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