Friday, November 25, 2011

Love, actually

Our Thanksgiving celebration with the family was a wonderful time. We give thanks after we're all done eating. Seems like it's easier to be thankful when you're not hungry :) 

I said I'm thankful to have such lively family. I didn't use that word, I used "tan chistosa." I laughed so much tonight. 

Now everyone's gone home or is sleeping. I'm in the living room and just put Love Actually on. It's my holiday movie of choice. Oh, the holidaze. So crazy. I can't stand them, but watching the movie and hanging out with family and friend eases the pain. Maybe this will be the last year I watch this movie alone. 

Talked to the most important person in my life today, about leaving. I'm scared and my heart is breaking, but if I don't leave... I'm afraid if I don't leave I'll lose myself completely. Arkansas has been good to me, but leaving is long overdue. 

Life never goes as planned, does it? Today I'm thankful for my family, because they're with me and make me laugh, and that heals my heart. 

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