Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A travelogue of sorts: California, April 2012

The escapades are getting more frequent, they're needed more frequent. Window seat stories and plane conversations: talk about travel and doing good. Getting to L.A. early afternoon is fine and dandy, we hit up Versailles for Cuban food and sangria. Out dancing. Meeting new people (!). Moreno Valley to visit tia Luz. Conversations with tia Chave. Unplanned trips to Oxnard. Sandy's fam and friends. Sunrise hikes. Cold sand and waves, Jimi Hendrix quotes by the ocean. Life lessons from a homie. Santa Barbara and Summerland (where the sand is warm). Toppers pizza and laughter... pasito tun tun! LFP meet ups and ideas. Cafecito Orgánico. Wednesdays of Jacks N Joe breakfast, pericos, Malibu waves, beer, new friends (and a bulldog). Billy's stories of tropical pinguins bought online (that never came). Thursday of LACMA afternoons. In Wonderland. Frida Kahlo, Remedios Varo, and other diosas. Las Dos Fridas made me stop and cry... "what seems an erotic wistfulness and a rather passionate display of a world of organic entanglement and femininity as one." Love at first YouTube and un enamorado. Bday celebratory breakfast @ The Griddle #DAYUM. Pauli and Canyon Country sunsets. Stella and Arjona. Terminanmos cantando siempre. Mochi Saturday. 1800 pomegranate and 1990's music. YouTube es una gran cosa. Vasquez Rocks climbing. Pizza. Dinner at Gregg's. Life is good. I remember the greatness. And I blame the moon for everything.

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