Tuesday, March 20, 2012

La ardillita

It's been extra warm (for this time of the year) and it's cause the grass to start growing like it's summer.

I haven't mowed.

I haven't mowed, because I never finished picking up the leaves last autumn. 

I didn't finish picking up the leaves last autumn, because that was around the time my tia Cande came to visit (after 10 years without seeing her), followed by the crazy fight with the unnamable, followed by my last trip to California, followed by being bummed out about being back in AR, followed by busy times. Everything else became more important that picking up leaves. Now I have to pick them up. 

Let's be honest, this much needed yard clean up is not even going to happen in the next couple of days. It's been raining like some kind of diluvio up in here. 

I *should* have happened over the weekend. But Saturday was an incredibly amazing day. The weather was perfect and I pretty much just ate and me acosté en la hamaca en la tarde. It was nice. Then it was carne asada time with the family. I also bought some fake flowers for a project I'm working on. I realized I needed to do yard work a couple of days ago, but the biggest sign came to me on Saturday. This is what happened: 
I pulled up in the driveway and saw a lil squirrel hanging out in the front yard. The little one would have normally hauled ass after seeing my car, but this time she (or he) just lowered to the ground.. just below the grass. Then she slowly turned around and jumped. High. Then lowered herself again and repeated her jump. It made me laugh! Maybe she thought I couldn't see her through the freaking jungle where she was jumping through. 

It's going to happen. The clean up. Just not tomorrow.

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