Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The child of my mother

I'm a child of the moon. My mother told me about the beautiful moon she saw the night before I was born, it was waning and bright. So bright that she thought the sun was still out. She said that's maybe why I like the moon so much, because she welcomed me home.

I'm a child of the sun. My father taught me to visualize its light and send it to those I love, make the light shine from my heart to theirs. He taught me to greet the sun as it rose and as it died down with the day.

I'm a child of the ocean. My parents took me there to heal the wounds left from a foot surgery. Black night, black sand, black saltwater down my future scars, healing them and me.

I'm a child of the moon and the sun. I'm the child of my mother. I'm the child of my father.


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