Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hear the waves breaking

These waves breaking are 1572 miles away, seven weeks ago. I spent that Wednesday around Malibu Lagoon with my sister and a new friend, who taught me to watch for good waves.

The three of us are dreamers. The three of us are artists in different ways. We paint, we draw, we photograph, we stand on waves, we design, we see the colors in extra-vivid shades, we break and glue our souls back together.

There were stories in between waves. There was laughter... that was my favorite part.

He told us about the penguin he ordered on a website when he was little. The penguin that never came. "They said they were tropical penguins," he said between laughs, "but it never came!"

In life, sometimes not being OK is OK. What matters is who's next to you during those not OK times.!/26480

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