Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Don't hum, sing aloud!

I've been humming "Stay with You" (John Legend) for the past couple of days. It's a beautiful song :) and I can't get it out of my head... I'm not really trying to.
This week has been good! I've been working, no classes... I wish I was in El Salvador so I could be doing Semana Santa stuff... like... going to la playa and hanging out with mi gente and eating torrejas (hmmm...!). But that's not possible right now, that's life.

So life has been good (even here in NWA!) I had a Barnes & Noble moment Monday night... it turned into 15 Barnes & Noble bucks... I got an art book and some cards with latin american paintings... they were on sale... I couldn't help but get them!!! Then I got a bookcrossing book... "Van Gogh's Bad Cafe" awesome :)

And that's all for now. Here, so you won't hum: I like the site, 'cause it doesn't have pop-ups. I hate pop-ups! Anyway...

Keep inspiring your world, you, inspiring people that read this page ;)

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