Monday, April 11, 2005

Viendo llover

I love rainy days.
There is something so peaceful about the few moments before the storm comes, that it doesn't matter how hard it storms... those moments tell you that everything is fine.
It's been raining for the last couple of days and I've found myself enjoying little moments... just because.
Yesterday, I was on my way to the library, but the day was so gray and this refreshing breeze was blowing... that I couldn't help, but to sit down outside the library for like an hour just to enjoy that time. I called my friend Pau while I was there and we talked for a while. Then later that night, I was walking to my car and it was raining... I was wearing flip-flops (I didn't know it'll rain, so I didn't even have an umbrella!) and I felt the water running through my toes, and then I felt the drops of water on my arms... and I remembered... how I used to go out in the rain when I was a kid!
And man! Don't get me started on the smell of the rain... and the sound... it amazes me that something so wonderful can be so destructive for many. I prayed that the rain was a blessing for everyone, like it was for me. I prayed that no one could be harm by it.
It was wonderful... even thought the ride back home was difficult.

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