Saturday, October 29, 2005

Long week, basketball season, and Somebody's goodness!

I had like another million things to do this week. But it was fun, I finally feel like the VAC is going in some direction... there are some great things coming our way! I went to the Red & White game today and it was fun... the R&W game is the opening game of the season and it's AR vs. AR. Just a little practice for the guys. I called a handful of my friends to see who was going and I got no one positive response. Way to support those Razorbacks!!! April and I went to the game against LSU last year and we said we'd buy season passes this year. So I bought some passes, I couldn't get passes for the whole season because they were $108.00, and do you know how many hours of my work that is?! Yea! A LOT!!! So I just bought a packet for 4 games (including the LSU game of course). And today I noticed that I bought the first set of tickets, oh yeah... #0001. And well, so I got tired of being rejected by my friends on the phone, and decided to just go to the game, relying in the fact that I might find a friend at the arena. And I did!!! So it was awesome... We talked a lot. We discussed our thoughts about "The New South Consortium: The Status of Women and Minorities in the Contemporary South" and other topics. I had fun :)

Before going to the game I went to see a friend of mine and I took her the painting. We talked for a while and that's why I was a little late for the game. After the game I ran into NK and he gave me a ride to my car, but we talked for a long time in his car. He's hilarious. He's making chili tomorrow so I might pay him a visit. He says he's a great cook, but all he's made for me so far is chili... so I told him that he needs to really show me he went to culinary school or I'll believe that all he knows how to do is chili!

And well, another thing that happened this week is related to my Western Civ II class. I had a test on Friday and I really started studying for it at 8 pm the night before. I had to read a book, two articles, and all my notes to be prepared for the test. I kinda went over the book, and kinda read the articles... and just went over my notes once. In that class, if one has perfect attendance one gets to drop the lowest test grade. So I decided that this would be the grade I'd drop at the end of the course. I have perfect attendance and I'm not planning to skip class, so I thought, "ok, I really won't do any good on this test... oh, well." I was smiling that morning like crazy and told a friend of mine in the class about my plans, she asked me if I read the book and I said "Nope. But I know what happens in the story!" And so I told her what I knew about the book and then the professor got there and we began to take the test. As I went through the questions I was amazed, because I seemed to know the material. I was so happy, and then when I got to the 10 questions about the book, I knew 9 of them!!! Seems like SOMEBODY is too good to me... still. And going to class every time pays off.
I finished the test before my friend did, and she studied WAY harder than me. I waited for her and as we walked to the next class we talked about the test. She said that what I told her about the book had helped her a lot. It was quite an experience, I was emotionally prepared to fail that test, but it all worked out great.

I better go to the store and get the groceries now. Look at the pics in my photoblog, I have the ones from the game, some roses, the orange trees on campus, and Make a Difference Day. Next week is homecoming week so there's that last football game on Saturday, and there's a basketball game on Friday. I'll go on Saturday just cause I already have the ticket... but the football team is no good this year. On the other hand, I am super excited about the game on Friday!!! There's also 2 step shows this week that I will not miss!!!

Oh... life!

Quote for this post:
- "See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand!O that I were a glove upon that hand,That I might touch that cheek!"
- "O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?"
Romeo and Juliet. ACT II Scene 2.


BG said...

"He that is strucken blind cannot forgetThe precious treasure of his eyesight lost."
Romeo and Juliet. ACT I Scene 1.

Coco said...

I'm glad that you went to the game on your can't always rely on friends.
My husband and I also go to a few basketball games- he sees the game and I check out the people, the coachs' attire, and the team's shoes! Yes, Yes, I do see the game, but I need to "observe" first!

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.