Thursday, October 06, 2005

What is happening?

A bunch of different things have been happening, it seems like this world has lost all hope. The US has been hit with two hurricanes just about 9 months after the terrible tsunami in Asia, then in Central America there have been so many deaths because of a hurricane Stan. In El Salvador the Santa Ana volcano erupted Saturday... And April's not here.

The news are just getting worse each minute. It's horrible. And I can't help but feel useless... I'm praying for all this... but... I mean... people keep dying! Innocent people, poor people. People die everyday because they just don't have access to the adequate resources... because they don't have money... or much else.

And April's autopsy results came back today. I read about it in the local newspapers and I still cannot believe she's gone. I can't go to the library because every study room brings back memories... I don't want those times to be it. I never thought they would be it.
Smiling is so hard when you know all that's happening.

I had a dream last night, well, it was this morning, because it was right before my alarm went off. I was at April's house but she wasn't there, it was just her dad and her grandparents, and I hugged her grandma and I told her that she reminded me to MY grandma. The house was very dark and it was at night... it all seemed just weird, hopeless. And I didn't see my friend.

When Maria Ines died I had one dream with her, and she said goodbye. Same with my grandma, I dreamed that she called and told me to take care of my mom. I don't want that to happen with April. I'd like to called her up again so we can go study, so we can get that 4.0, because "we can do it, girl! we just need to study more."


Coco said...

quiza te ayude si escribes acerca de April... pues el escribir es terapeutico!

es doloroso y dificil...
pero recuerda que NO estas sola!

un abrazo.

J. Star said...

Try not to lose heart, BG...I know it's so hard sometimes, but you must keep hope...

Maria S. said...

Stay fuerte BG...MS