Saturday, October 15, 2005

Time flies... so Love.

This week went by super fast! It was good. I enjoyed it. My friend's still mad and I don't get it, but I guess there's not much to do, it's up to her.

On a different note, I am officially part of the MUFP family!!! It'll be great!!! I also had lunch with one of the school admin and it was fun, we talked about a lot of things... how to make the UA a better place. It was very nice, I'm glad I have the opportunity to see the people "up there" as friends. I also went to see Dr. B and we talked a lot. Yesterday was Sanders' arraignment but I didn't go. She asked me how I was doing, she said she wanted to look me in the eyes and see how I was... and a couple of tears came down, I couldn't help it, she knows me well. And it was good, she's also my friend and mentor. I'm really greatful for all these angels God puts in my life. We also talked about my classes, life, involvement, work, and she made me think. She made me think...
I have a bunch of things to do, and new things to learn. She was very interested in what I'll do with this desire I have to really make a change in school -and life- about inequalities in classes and genders. The UA doesn't have a Women's dept and I'm doing research on that and on Feminist Ethics (FE)... I'm also reading Skirting Tradition and planing to get the AAUW chapter started at the UA with Roo and other young ladies. It's all very exciting and challenging. Dr. B laughed when I told her that I was mad because in my Ethics class we only spend a little bit on FE and like two weeks on Utilitarianism. And then she said she was glad that I am doing the research on my own.

Also... I want to show the movie Innocent Voices at school... I'll work on this. Check the website out:

Anyway, next week will be crazy busy! I have two tests, a paper and project 3 due, and Make A Difference Day on Saturday... plus all the extra stuff I have to do. So I better hit the books now!!! Oh... I almost forgot... while working on my project 2 for art, I was taking pictures and couldn't help but end up with a bunch of self portraits. Fun times. You can see the pics on my photoblog.

"Love, love like the world we know is over in a day"


Jorge said...

First time visitor to your blog and I'm very impress to come across a Salvadorean blogger.

Coco said...

I'll be seeing Voces Inocentes on Monday evening...
I'm glad that you are being pro-active and working in helping others. Gracias.

Un abrazo caluroso.

Coco said...

I saw the movie- Voces Inocentes... And I still can't get over it. People need to see it, and be aware that yes this took place in El Salvador, BUT this is still happening in other parts of the world right now as we "blog"! AND it's our US Dollars that helps this take place!
Que no se calle la voz!

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

J. Star said...

That is awesome dude, you sound like you are doing better and I'm so glad to see people trying to make a difference. I remember Make a Difference day at our school. Sadly, only few partcipated, but those who did always liked it.