Friday, August 18, 2006

... Y te abrazarán, dirán que el tiempo no pasó y te amarán con todo el corazón...

I am thankful for all the blessings I've received this week! HA! I'm trying to stay positive... let me highlight the beauty of this week before I get into the whole I'm-tired-and-not-looking-forward-to-classes deal.

I got a B on my business class, and I won't get into details because I have the feeling I already talked about this here. I have been organizing my room, or trying, and now it feels good enough that I can take on painting again. I've been having great ideas for paintings or drawings lately. I've collected many sticky notes, receipts, and random notes where I've sketched the various ideas. I've taken a couple of photos for inspiration, also, specially photos of the skies and the clouds... they've look gorgeous lately!

I have been reading, there's this book that want to finish soon, it's called "Love in Idleness" by Amanda Craig, and I want to end it soon... hopefully by this weekend so I will be free to start another one as the academic year starts too, on Monday. I've already met with friends that had gone home for the summer. It's awesome to see them again, but also it's exciting and a little refreshing to start working on new projects and activities. Diversity Alliance will have an amazing year... and I'm not saying that because I'm the president, I say that because the group is just great! We met on Wednesday and it went very well.

Today, I went and took down the paintings that were on exhibit and sold one! I sold "Vida" it was a very personal painting... So I have to make sure that I'm also passing on the story behind the painting, for those that will see it after I'm gone from the U of A.

I'm excited about this year... my last year! I got the letter about the University of Arkansas ring, I'll get it, I know it's going to be expensive but I want it. It has been an amazing time and I want it to be the symbol that reminds me of so many friends, classes, moments, etc. My name will stay there, engraved in the Senior walk at school; it will stay in the plaque that holds the names of the awardees for the Volunteer Spirit Award; and my name and life will hopefully stay in the hearts of many. But I want to take something with me, and that ring is perfect for that. Besides, I've been saving for it!

I have been given many blessings. I am thankful. I am aware.

This week I also was introduced to the song "Cuando pienses en volver" by Pedro Suarez-Vertiz. It makes me smile and it makes my heart go faster. I can relate. I almost feel like I feel when I see my painting "Patria Ajena" and "Libertad", and when I see Pau's picture of San Salvador. Look at the video for that song-- even if you don't understand Spanish, please look at it. Listen to the way they sing, look at their faces, feel the drums and the flutes and close your eyes... it's about hope. It's about hope.

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