Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Around me, inside me

The john mayer poster is falling off my wall. I think the winter cold makes the tape weaker, so I'll have to replace it soon before it falls. The inspiration before me is no longer inspiring. That, or I am not looking with hunger. Looking with hunger. What a term... I'd like to think at this very moment that I invented it. Just like I invented... no, that's the only thing I've invented. Or I don't remember the rest. I have unfinished things around me, all around me. And I know for a fact I'm unfinished. So all this mediocrity is burning me.

I have too many photos or I need new ones. I can't focus on the past and the future at the same time, but because I try, I am like I am. I'm singing along this guys I've never seen yet I feel I know them so well. Dame fe, dame alas, dame fuerza para sobrevivir... en este mundo. That's what the song says.

Maybe I need an empty wall. Fresh starts never hurt, but it's hard to empty spaces.

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