Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hecha un Huracán

MIAMI (AFP) — Hurricane Bertha barreled steadily northwest towards the British islands of Bermuda Thursday, and could sweep over them in the next few days, the US National Hurricane Center said."

So... I've gotten several calls, text messages, and emails this week about this hurricane. I guess my friends don't have many friends name Bertha! It's been rather funny. I pray that Bertha doesn't cause any destruction where it passes.

On another note, my dad gets here on Monday and I couldn't be more excited!! I've been talking to him and my lil sis Lidi almost every day since he got here and I just CANNOT WAIT for him to get here! Lidi has been texting me this little lines that brighten my day. The very first one was "he's playing the gitar now... Romance" :)

And all in all, I'm very content at the moment. Last weekend was full of emotions. I went down to Hope, AR to visit the Love family. And I went to see April's grave. I've never seen such beautiful memorial. And I've never been back to visit a friend like that. The whole weekend was a reminder of my girl, every minute I waited for her to just show up. I miss her so much. I caught beautiful sunsets and talks with her mom, dad and her little sister. I could see so much of April in them. I miss you dearly, April. Her life was taken too soon, but it's amazing to see the impact that she's had in others. I went looking for her name on senior walk and didn't find it. I think they still haven't finished 2006, which is when she got the honorary degree. We had a couple of talks about her semi-plans for a 3-year graduation, but right after that last summer she told me she decided to stay for the 4 years. I was so happy that we would graduate together! Rest in Love, Ms. April Love. I will always remember.


sarahillis said...

I hope you are having a great time visiting with your Dad! How exciting. Hope things are going well for you. Miss our chats :) La Playa gets so many compliments hanging in my office..and it reminds me of you.

Coco said...

no te hagas! se honesta...claro que eres como un HURACAN!! ; )
llegas a las fiestas y haces "revuelto"!! ; )

fuertes y calurosos abrazos, amiga.