Thursday, July 03, 2008

I am so excited!!!!! My dad sounds so happy to be coming to visit us!!! He's a bit sad that he won't see my sister B but I told him she's the one that's missing out. Besides, I think it's better that she moved and that she's not here to see him. Better to have a sweet memory of someone that to encounter a bitter reality that would erase the sweet memory. I'm just sayin'.

Juanca also sounds super excited!!! My old bro.. he turned 26 on Sunday! We are surely getting old.. One day I'll get to a scanner and will post a few picture of times when we were young and cute. Well... we're still cute!!!

I can't wait to see my daddy!!!


lady 22 said...

no te vayas a sentar a la par de tu papa y pegarle un susto como ami!!!!

Coco said...

me da gusto que tu papá venga a visitarlos...lástima q. tu hermana no lo quiera ver. la vida es demasiada corta...ojala y después no se arrepienta!

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo, amiga.


yes, i want to see family pictures!! : )

lady 22 said...