Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here's a story about a very bad turkey

My dad left on Tuesday morning for New Mexico where he'll spend a few days with my brother before leaving for El Salvador. Last week, while he was here, we went grocery shopping a few times and the very last time we went he found a turkey that was $10 and he thought it was a very great deal. I actually don't know if it was or not, because I don't usually pay attention to turkeys when I'm in the store... we left the fridge area and a couple of isles down, he said he knew a recipe for the turkey and so we needed to buy it and that it was a very good deal anyways, so I left it up to him and he went and got it. We also got two jars of apricot marmalade that his recipe called for.

So we made the turkey the following night, after a few hours of defrost time.... and it was great! It tasted so good and we had plenty to go around, so we called my uncle and his family on Monday and we had panes con chumpe. Well... after that lunch I got very very sleepy and not just because of the turkey meat, but I think it was all the driving around and here and there of the previous days. So I took a nap. When I woke up from the nap the turkey was gone and until this morning, I realize I never noticed it was gone. Well... that was Monday, so the following morning after taking my dad to the airport I went to back to work... and I did the same yesterday and today.

Yesterday when I came back from work I found this horrible smell in the house. I didn't know what it was or where it was coming from. It was driving me nuts! I washed the dishes, cleaned the restroom, got the dirty laundry out and sprayed lysol (and then perfume) all over the house while I had all the fans on and the A/C... I thought it was just that I left the air very high so it wouldn't turn on during the day, but smell didn't quite go away. So I put some water in the stove with orange skin and cloves (my mom does this after cooking something stinky... like fish, she says it replaces the bad smell). I had a little accident with the clove container thingy so I got about fifteen hundred cloves in the water. I figured if I ever need cloves again I'll have to go find them in the store again. So that worked... for the most part.

This morning when I woke up there was the smell again! I freaked out. Thought there was a mouse or something dead in the vents, but I was running late for work so I had to go. So while I was at work, one of my coworkers gave me the recipe for a cinnamon bread that I made a few days ago and I wanted to make again but had lost the recipe. So while I was thinking of the bread and all the baking I will do later today it came to me!! IT WAS THE TURKEY!!!! IT HAD BEEN IN THE OVEN SINCE MONDAY!!!! I didn't remember washing the thing where we made turkey, and it wasn't in the fridge so it had to be in the oven!!! DAAAANG IT. I had to clean the thing out.

So when I came back to work I turned the oven light on and sure enough there it was... the rotting turkey. I won't go into the details... cause I might throw up again. But I thought I'll write this down. This is something that I won't be forgetting soon.

Oh yeah.. the orange skin and cloves are on the stove. And the lysol is almost empty. And I hadn't clean like this in... I don't remember.


lady 22 said...

jajajajajaja! mi mama te diria, en que andas pensando. Es como cuando me fui a la escuela y deje los frijoles hirviendo en la cocina... cuando mi papa llego, todo estaba lleno de humo. Mi ropa olia a ahumado.
Buenisima historia, cais te imagine!

sarahillis said...

hahaha....ohhh that really made me laugh. Sorry B!
Hope you weren't too badly traumatized.