Thursday, September 22, 2011

A hard week and a song

We have a way of taking life for granted, these days feel eternal even when we see them passing by so fast. Life is so fragil and we are all dying. But how horrible it is to be able to visualize that end, when we have seen it, when we have a good idea of how it will most likely end.
I got news from two friends in the last . Both of them have been influential men in my life. Both are facing terminal conditions. Both told me in writing. Monday and Tuesday. One has more hope than the other. One has more support than the other. Both news broke my heart.
After a couple of days of taking it all in, I replied today. I wrote to one and called the other one. Shit, man. This is harsh.

"To the top of all the world
to the tasteless underworld
to the center of your heart, oh Cleopatra is the only one you loved

To the demonstrated smile
to the lonely love child
destination desolation, tell me when you reach the brink of life
just a picture on your wall
thats nice, what a metaphoric fall

Typically, I was a validation on your sleeve
oh what an indication

To the center of the pain
through your tattered window pane
to the middle of your heart

Resolutions and lovers in the kitchen
love is clueless and destiny is wishing
this is my heart, it's on the line...

This is not what I expect, this is not what I expect
I can see it in your tears and now they're crowning me the Caesar"

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